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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HEART STRINGS ~SOLD $18, and $3 first class shipping

primitive ornament, heart, by robin seeber

HEART STRINGS ~SOLD $18 and shipping
I forgot I had this one!
fabric, hand scrollings, homespun, rusty wire, and paper flower, with silk ribbon from India...
potpourri is vanilla bean I believe, will check if you need me to

GOING STARK PRIMMING MAD ~ sharing a few of my new designs...

I have been a prim lover forever. 30yrs ago, under Country Peddlers, I was the prim maker, and I had several other artists who supplied me with items. We did home parties kind of like tupperware. 
( there was a company country peddlars, that was not me) 
So prims have always been dear to my heart. 
I have been a busy honey bee...
I have been posting on facebook, and sending emails to you when I have new "tinies" to check here often if you can, and see what's new. I have mostly been making ornaments. 
This is 
HEART STRINGS ~SOLD $18 ea. and shipping
accessories may vary, color is choosable.
This is a salmon pink.

 "BOWLFILLER" snowman
with crumpled top hat.
$28, and shipping 
7" tall
(peach bottom primitives pattern)

MAC FLAKE ~ $158, sold but
taking a few orders, he will be very similar, buttons may vary and fabric dolls always vary.
Made of fabric, detailed by hand. Hand made crumpled hat, white christmas tree and string lights. 
( chair sold separately for $8) 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SnowmanCicles ~ $18 ea. and shipping

primitive folk art snowman dolls, by Robin Seeber

are made of fabric, and come with a hand formed rusty hook ready to hang.
7 1/2" tall
Some are potpourri, in vanilla, mulberry or cinnamon, so whatever one you choose, I can tell you what it is, whether fragranced or not...
They are fully hand detailed, embroidered, stitched, and accented. 
I suppose they are pretty much one of a kind.
 SET 2
 SET 4
 SET 5
 SET 6
 SET 7
 SET 8
 SET 9

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NEW ORNAMENTS~ ALL SOLD BUT TAKING ORDERS, items will be a bit different

primitive ornaments by Robin Seeber

TREE trinket~ $20, and shipping ($3 first class)
Made of discontinued, crazy quilt pattern fabric from Canada, this little tree (6 1/2 " tall) is not only an ornament, but a bundle of home made vanilla potpourri.
Rusty wire garland displays the home rusted safety pin attached charms, and pure silk ribbon from India tops it off with a rusty star. A cinnamon stick is the trunk.
The tree comes signed and dated, with a hand formed rusty hook ready to hang.
Allow 1 wk, some are in process, but detailing needs to be complete.
Charms will vary.

  HEART cuddle~ $18, and shipping ($3 first class)
Made of fabric, this heart is not only an ornament, but also a bundle of hand made vanilla potpourri. 5 1/2 " tall.
It is wrapped in marvelous graphic fabric, and graphic scrollings adorn. The rusty wire wraps around with an antique button, verde distressed brass clock face, silk ribbon from India, paper flowers, and a rusty star. The charms are attached with home rusted safety pins. The teal silk ribbon on the back, is just that touch of detail to bring a smile.
Comes signed, dated, and with a hand formed rusty hook to hang.
Allow 1 wk, they are made up but awaiting detailing.

MUTTON MAGIC~ $20, and shipping ($3 first class)
Made of fabric, this lamb is not only two sided, BUT a bundle of home made vanilla potpourri. 5" diameter.
Aged to perfection, she has black glass bead eyes, her saddle is cut from a vintage men's knit, with rusty wire , star and heart as accents. She has a rusty bell on her neck, and home rusted nails for feet. Comes with a hand formed rusty hook, ready to hang, all signed and dated. PRIM PERFECTION ..
ALLOW 1 WK. ~ they are in the process but not completed.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

SnowmanCicles~ $18ea. and shipping

THESE ARE ALSO potpourri bundles, in cinnamon OR mulberry. They are what they are, the fragrance can not be changed. They smell wonderful and they don't make me sniffle!
These are the most extreme prim so far. Extra simple, extra grungy, and really have that old world look that I have been striving for.
I am excited I love this batch!
they come signed, dated and ready to hang with a hand formed rusty hook!
click photo to enlarge picture


Friday, November 6, 2015


These are all mostly sold, but stay tuned for more coming your way~ 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

ELDEN FLAKE ~ SOLD $42, and shipping

primitive doll snowman by robin seeber winter christmas holiday

he is made of fabric, and is not just any ole' doll, he is also stuffed with homemade cinnamon stick potpourri. The fragrance lasts for many years! 
( decades actually, I found some in my barn from 25yrs ago) 
 his face is embroidered
 his crumpled hand made hat is probably about my favorite thing to make
 his pure silk ribbon purchase supports indian women in India with a fair trade product.
 and he is just a bunch of fun...

LAPPY FLAKE~SOLD $38, and shipping

primitive snowman doll by robin seeber

( burLAP hat)
Made of fabric, standing 9" tall, this little guy is not only a doll, but a wonderful bundle of cinnamon stick potpourri.
I make it, and stuff it inside. I found some of this from 25+ yrs ago in my barn, and it still smelled wonderful. 
 Around his waist is a graphic sash, in antique signs and rulers. Rusted wire surrounds him, and rusty pinned charms hang.
His face is embroidered.
 Fun little guy with lots of personality

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CINNowman ROCKWELL ~SOLD $28, and shipping

primitive snowman doll by robin seeber cinnamon potpourri

another love...
I love snowmen and always look forward to what will come out of my head each year.
Not only are they
CINNowmen dolls, but they are potpourri vessels.
I make a long lasting ( apparently decades since the ones in my barn from 25yrs ago still smell good) potpourri, and stuff them with it. 
 brass buttons wired on
 rusted nail nose ( I rust all my rustiness)
 Rockwell comes with a signature bumble bee 
 and an endearing embroidered smile

CINNowmen~ various pricing according to accessories

TOPPER~ $42 and shipping
taking orders, this one is sold
they will be similar...
 rusted nail ( by me) nose
 pure silk ribbon and hand made crumpled top hat

 amazing graphic fabric (aged and detailed)
 my signature eyes and embroidered mouth

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