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Monday, February 12, 2018

AUCTION OVER, buy it nows posted!

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UP for your consideration this week are several new items. Finished in the extreme primitive dark finish, these whimsies will surely bring a smile. 
TO BUY IT NOW~click that link at each photo, it will take you to your email, just email me the # and or name, and we'll go from there! 
Made of fabric of my own original design, these smalls are fun to make, and fun to wear or hang wherever you need that touch of whimsical art.
Their eyes are either beads, or my signature hand drawn eyes, which are then sealed with non yellowing varnish to bring you years of enjoyment. Their mouths are embroidered in oh so primitive style. The ears are wired for gentle posing, so you can give them different looks.
They are stuffed with Morning Glory fiber fill which gives them that hard stiff feel.
A sweet antique gold pin, and rusty loop are added so you can wear them or hang them.
Just loving the fabric on these, and I am going to continue this them of polka dots/stripes in black and tan.
I used to call them HAREPINS~but with the pin added for hanging I suppose that renders them;
ornapins! 5-6" diameters on ea.
#4~Rusty Star Hopper~

HAREballs (c)
Made of fabric from my original design, these tiny round rabbits can fill up your spring with giggles and smiles... 
about 4 1/2" diameter, 
they are stuffed with Morning glory fiber fill, then weighted with the most marvelous glass beads, giving them a nice chunky feel, sure to stay put wherever you sit them.
Lemon Chiffon has my signature eyes in purple, pearl bead nose, with wired ears for posing. He sits on a fluff of fabric layered in stripes and a spring egg print
 ( just love this fabric), with silk ribbons and a spun cotton purple butterfly to accent and keep him company! He's a fun one!such springy colors.
SOLD ~ $61

Made of fabric, stuffed with MG, and glass beads for weighting... finished in a primitive black/brown finish,sanded and distressed. He wears a jute hung rusty bell, and silk vintage ribbons tied in a bow. His nose/mouth is embroidered, whiskered, and has beady eyes.He sits on delightful aged fabrics of stripes,and a fun coordinating print. Cotton tail to finish!
If you don't care for the fabric under, it can be removed...
#6~XTrm HAREball on fabric~
bead eyes, rusty bell
SOLD~ $24

#7~XTrm HAREball,heart~
bead eyes, rusty heart
SOLD~ $36

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