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Monday, February 26, 2018



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my bunny rabbit collection, created from fabrics,from my original design. They are 21" tall to their ears, sit well as they are weighted.
 They are stuffed with the best stuffing available,Morning Glory fibers, from the Carpenter Co. It allows a firm stuff with ability for sculpting. The doll remains firm and chunky. Lissy is a sweet girl, and loves her bunny doll. She is all dressed in her favorite spring dress with a lovely butterfly print. Triple layered skirt for fluff,and black mary janes to complete. 
Her doll has a pin to pin her to Lissy's sleeve so she doesn't misplace her.
SOLD $155

My squat cat dolls, created from fabric from my own original design. They are about 4 1/2" in diameter and are weighted, so they sit well and are nice and chunky. Bead eyes, and embroidered nose and mouth. Whiskers and fun tail to complete, with a rusty heart in Halloween colors.
SOLD $30

My tiny bunny rabbit dolls, 4 1/2" diameter, made of fabric from my original design. They have my signature eyes, whiskers and a bead nose. Weighted for nice chunky feel and sits well. Fun tiny jointed bunny rabbit doll to adorn. The startled expression due to that startled bunny print fabric!!
SOLD $69

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