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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GOING STARK PRIMMING MAD ~ sharing a few of my new designs...

I have been a prim lover forever. 30yrs ago, under Country Peddlers, I was the prim maker, and I had several other artists who supplied me with items. We did home parties kind of like tupperware. 
( there was a company country peddlars, that was not me) 
So prims have always been dear to my heart. 
I have been a busy honey bee...
I have been posting on facebook, and sending emails to you when I have new "tinies" to check here often if you can, and see what's new. I have mostly been making ornaments. 
This is 
HEART STRINGS ~SOLD $18 ea. and shipping
accessories may vary, color is choosable.
This is a salmon pink.

 "BOWLFILLER" snowman
with crumpled top hat.
$28, and shipping 
7" tall
(peach bottom primitives pattern)

MAC FLAKE ~ $158, sold but
taking a few orders, he will be very similar, buttons may vary and fabric dolls always vary.
Made of fabric, detailed by hand. Hand made crumpled hat, white christmas tree and string lights. 
( chair sold separately for $8) 

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