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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MEET THE FLOCKERS~ all decked out in the halls!

CLICK photos to enlarge.

reproductions, made in Philippines 
from Robin's original design prototype, 
then upscaled to one of a kinds by Robin. 

Only a very few  were made for Bethany Lowe Designs, 
so they are a discontinued doll 
( Scooter and Lou)

Now Nema is whispering... girls, girls!
 they pose so cute...

Quintyn Flocker~ lover of snowmen with button noses. HE loves to build snowmen, sometimes he uses carrots, but really he loves button noses just like the song says.
 $32, plus shipping

 Sylvia Flocker ~ lover of pink, donned in pure pink 100% wool for the cold weather. Pretty much her whole wardrobe is pink...her snowman bell really rings.
$34 SOLD!!

 Nema Flocker ~ lover of Santa, and secrets. 
distant relative to little Nemo, see her wing.
Sweet girl, but sure loves secrets! 

 Tayberry Flocker ~ lover of candy canes and pretty wool sets to wear for winter. Very much a fashionista.
$34, and shipping SOLD!!

 Trystin Flocker ~ lover of snow and snowballs!
Often has a look of surprise, specially if someone tosses a snowball his way.
$34, plus shipping SOLD!!

loves his warm wool hat and scarf, a real sweet crow if you ask me.
$34, plus shipping SOLD!!

 Hyacinth Flocker~ lover of Christmas trees, and Santa. Well behaved and enjoys helping decorate the Christmas tree, but likes secrets too.
$32, and shipping

Odette Flocker ~ lover of candy canes, and being mischievous.
$32, and shipping, I will pack her extra tight so she doesn't escape on her way to her new home.   

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