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Friday, November 21, 2014

LUCKY CHARMS~ tiny sprites to cheer your decor, $55 EA. plus shipping, first come first served NO orders

Don't forget to click on the photo for close up looks. 
WELCOME to the Lucky Charms, where magic is plentiful with tiny sprites to brighten your day.
they stand about 10" tall, and are secured on a wooden base, which is signed and dated. 
They are made of fabric and hand painted and accessorized with faux pine ad berries, and bells. 
Best kept in plain view for they can get into mischief.  

EMAIL me to adopt~ 
send your zip code so I can calculate shipping !

I will invoice you with the total! thanks
all payment due within 24hrs of invoice received

Fizzy~ SOLD!!

ST. Nick of the lights~SOLD!! 

Wyntyr~ SOLD!! 

St. Nick of the lighted garland~ SOLD!!  


St. Nick of whom the bell rings~SOLD!!
extra primy 

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