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Thursday, March 6, 2014

TWEAKED tinies design ~ Stay tuned

Good afternoon, I have been contemplating bringing back my "tinies" collection, with new ideas and fresh designs. In doing that, I redesigned the doll, making it a slimmer, more petite style doll, and without the bottom being "wrinkled" I call it. They are weighted so they sit a bit better, and have a nice flat bottom, and a nicer smoother look to them. 
I will always create my bees, bunnies, and all the other styles, but they will remain one of a kind in some way to keep the value where it should be for my collectors. 
If you have any particular styles or themes you are looking for, email me, and let me know so I can put it on my inspiration list. 

Photos to follow of a couple of newly tweaked tinies! 

thanks for all your support and interest in my work, it is because of you I can do what I love, I wish dad was here to see what I have done, he would really like that, he was my very biggest fan. 

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