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Monday, January 13, 2014


I had a marvelous trip to the trade show in Atlanta, GA. It is always so breathtaking to see all the wonderful new items that will be available for the new year. 

It was the most fun meeting many of the stores that carry my "tinies" line of folk art, and meeting some online friends face to face. The artist's signing went well, and I signed 150 pins for our customers and fans, and had some photos taken with them as well. 

Bethany and I had a short meeting about what to do for 2015. I showed her some of the items I have been working on, and she just loved my primitive bunnies!! So I will be making some new completely different style dolls for reproduction for spring 2015. They will be cast in resins, and I will maintain the only cloth dolls available. This doll design will NOT become a pattern in the near future. She will be created somewhat differently to go into production and keep the ones I am making to order as original cloth designs. 

Thank you all again for your interest in my work, and your support and patronage of dolls that are a little piece of me. 

I will keep you updated as things progress. There are never guarantees, but at least they are willing to give em a shot!! 


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