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Thursday, December 6, 2012


BLESSING CANDLES~ candles need to be burned in a certain manner in order to make them last...they need to burn 1hr for each inch across, ex. 2in. candle must burn 2hrs at their first burn... but NO LONGER than 4hrs at a time to preserve your candle for best performance...during that time, count your blessings and remember your loved ones both here with us on earth and those who have passed on...after that time, you snuff the flame, let them rest at least an hour then you can burn them again for 4hrs or less... beeswax is a renewable resource, they burn brighter, harder and longer than any other wax, 5-10 times longer than parafin...and they clean the air in your home as they give off negative ions....unlike other candles that put toxins in the air. With tapers, they burn 1 inch per hour depending on the air circulation in the room...they are dripless if they are in a room without a draft.

Lamplighter candle included with each purchase

the lamplighter candle is the thin candle 
leaning up against the front grouping...
used by the Colonials to light their candles and lanterns.

you will receive ONE of these sets of 6 tapers and 1 lamplighter

6 SETS available

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