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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HOW EXCITING to find that one of my favorite stores carries my reproductions! Homespun Treasures, in Walnut Creek Ohio

CLICK to go to Homespun Treasures!

Here is the store owner posing for a photo with "us"
Scooter Flocker and me, and her sweet employees in the background.

how surreal it was to find a store that carries my dolls...

PO BOX 217, 3147 SR 39


Harold George said...

I can't even begin to explain how much of a dream come true you are living, Robin. OMG. I don't envy you but I wish i was living my dream the way you are. you are so talented and recognition what you deserve. OMG Congratulations.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hey thanks Harold.. I rarely come to my blog comments, so many of htem are spam.. thank you again, and I am so happy we met, and I love your work so much, I hope your business is growing!! ox

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