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Friday, December 19, 2008


special orders

primitive folk art doll

going to list a few special orders to share

Mary Poppins~my personal idol, a special commission doll created for my neice for her birthday.

Lily O'Valley~ one of my favorites, still comfortably in my private collection.

Morning Glory~she was a hoot to make and I adore how she evolved.

SPICE~very first gingerbread doll, Gosh I love that doll!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE~he was my very favorite doll that was very hard to let go.

Leon Leprechaun~gosh he was adorable and made me smile.

Asher Yakar~jewish elf? of my favs, with his scroll.

A great doll special order that in the end the customer insisted on making her a black skirt and cape. She was perfect all in red...but whatever the customer wants, the customer gets!!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, really beautiful!!!